Why Traditional School Marketing Falls Short: The Power of Storytelling in Meeting Family Desires

by Peter Baron

Let’s take a slight detour today to talk about telling your school’s story as a critical component of successful marketing.

I just finished reading Terry Dubow’s article, Unmarketing School, for SchneiderB Media’s independent school marketing blog on the evolving dynamics of school marketing.

The key takeaway? It’s about more than just highlighting our school’s features.

To deeply resonate and add value, we need to tell our school’s story in a way that aligns with what families truly need.

When we shift from a “storefront” mindset of marketing a school’s “features” (glimmering facilities, number of AP courses offered, etc.) to one that delves into the deeper needs and aspirations of families, we elevate the value proposition of our institutions.

Let’s not just showcase what we have; let’s emphasize why it matters.

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